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Thin Front Pocket Leather Backpack


This leather backpack was designed and built to be fought over shortly after you’re dead. We tried to build the strongest and longest-lasting leather backpack in the world and we think we nailed it.

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This is the 2nd edition of the Thin Front Pocket Leather Backpack with a few changes that I think you’ll love. The original backpack was everyone’s favorite and we rarely got a complaint, but I made some slight changes that may be overkill, but they’re more consistent with our lowest possible seam-feet approach to design. The backpack is still built without breakable parts like zippers, magnets, velcro or snaps and is still reinforced at all stress points with hidden polyester straps and strong rivets. The body of the leather backpack is still only built with two big solid pieces of leather, but now all three front pockets of the backpack are all made of just one solid piece of leather. You see, the fewer seams a leather backpack has, the fewer seams there are to start a rip. And not only that, but we only allow 5 stitches per inch of our seams so there is more leather between holes and therefore fewer holes to start a tear. I once interviewed a second-generation sailmaker in New Zealand and he referred to a sewing machine as a perforation machine and said the fewer holes, the stronger the sail. That stuck with me. It’s the same with this leather backpack.

This leather backpack is made completely of full-grain leather, which is the strongest and most water-resistant leather there is. And it’s a little thicker than boot leather. And then we lined the leather backpack with heavy-duty pigskin, which is stronger than cow skin. Our thread is an expensive German industrial grade polyester thread that is typically used for sewing sails on ships and quality boots because of its strength and resistance to deterioration from the sun. Our custom 316 Stainless Steel is not your regular Stainless Steel. It’s the metal of choice when your life depends on it. In fact, our clasps are rated to hold up to a 750 lb. bag of cats over a cliff without breaking. There’s no other leather backpack like this.

The Thin Front Pocket Leather Backpack has three exterior pockets that have a hidden pocket behind them for quick access or for sticking in longer things. The main backpack strap has a hole at the very tip just in case your bag is way, way overstuffed. The shoulder straps have an adjustable and comfortable shoulder pad to distribute the backpack’s weight.

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100-Year Warranty
Free Shipping
Fits a 15″ MacBook Pro
The Interior photo shows both a 2019 13″ MacBook Pro and a 2019 15″ MacBook Pro.

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