Our heritage is English, Our leather is African, Our skills are a combination of both,
Our production methods and products are traditional, and hand made

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Oxford Leather Range

Bovine Corrected and Semi Corrected Grain Pigmented | Santos is a corrected grain and has been a standard for many years as a no fuss leather that is suitable to be used in high traffic areas. The finish is tough and has easy care properties. This leather is recommended when considering upholstering in light leather colours. Impala, which is a semi corrected grain, has the touch and appearance of a full grain leather. The waxy top lacquer gives a mellow luxurious feel while offering good cutting value.

Substance | 1.0/1.2mm; Average size per hide: 4m2
Suitable | Furniture, vehicle interior, shoes, handbags, wallets, accessories, etc.

Available Leather Options