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Our heritage is English, Our leather is African, Our skills are a combination of both,
Our production methods and products are traditional, and hand made

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Established in 1828, Boustead is the quintessential traditional leather goods brand. After almost 180 years our heritage products
are still handmade in our workshop in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.

Boustead Leather is part of the growing Boustead and Co. group of companies. Our processing facilities use the hundred-year-old
traditional methods or processing and curing all of our leather. The hides and skins used in our processing facilities and all of our
products are sourced either from our ranching operations, independent producers, and National Parks.

All the leather which we process or use in our products is Free Range, GMO-free, Organic, and Sustainable.
Boustead Leather takes raw cattle hides and processes firstly to the wet Blue stage of leather production, then further processes
to our or our customers’ requirements to finished leather ready for value addition.

Every Boustead Leather product is first hand-cut and made by a designer before being translated into a pattern for the traditional press knives that are used in the final production. Individual prep before being stitched and then hand finished ensures a quality that will last a lifetime.

Designed in the Boustead Design Center onsite at the Boustead leather factory.
Unusually, the Boustead Leather design team works right during production – new bags and leather goods are created in
three dimensions by designers with a deep understanding of the construction methods that go into the distinctive Boustead
handcrafted style.

Boustead Leather welcomes customer interaction and will match any customer needs. From the basic supply of wet blue leather, through to finished products for personal or retail use. All our products are hand-made and can be made to specific and exclusive to customers’ requests.

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