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Square Leather Toiletry Bag


Made of only two pieces of leather, this bag was designed and built to be the strongest, most durable and longest lasting Leather Toiletry Bag there is. Let us know if you find something tougher. They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.

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This full-grain square leather toiletry bag is over-engineered with no breakable parts like zippers, snaps, buttons, etc. and is built out of one big piece of leather with two small sides. The benefit of that is that seams are where the bags always start falling apart. And if there aren’t any seams to talk about, then it’s not going to fall apart for quite a while. And, we do 5 stitches per inch so there’s more leather between the needle holes and fewer holes to start a tear.

Our cow leather is the strongest we can find (full-grain boot leather, but thicker) and the pigskin lining is stronger than the cow leather. Our hardware is 316 Stainless (please please Google it and get ready to cry, it’s so incredible). The thread is unbelievably strong industrial marine grade UV resistant polyester thread. There’s no other large leather toiletry bag like it.

This toiletry bag is big and simple and great for far more than toiletry stuff. But if you do toiletry stuff for a living and need to carry a lot around, this is it. First Aid kits, tools, etc.

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Adjustable strap length is 34″-59″.

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