Our heritage is English, Our leather is African, Our skills are a combination of both,
Our production methods and products are traditional, and hand made

Leather Organizer Bag


Some say overkill on quality with such a small bag. This bag was designed and built out of one solid piece of leather. But we say why not? It’s the longest-lasting most durable leather bag of its kind in the world. They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.

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We use only the best: full-grain leather (as much of the cow as you can get, short of the moo), and premium, marine-grade thread (the kind used on shipping sails).

New construction removes the gusset and makes the case all one piece of leather.

Designed to take minimal room inside your bag or luggage while keeping it organized.

Keep your cords and small chargers coiled.

Works well for change, tackle, batteries and camera filters.

Buy multiple colors for storing and organizing different stuff in your Gadget Bag.

Free removable leather closure strip for random emergencies.

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Black, Chestnut, Dark Coffee Brown, Tobacco


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