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Genuine Zebra & Cape Buffalo Hide Folio / Notepad


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TYPE: Cape Buffalo Hide Backpack

SIZE: Approx. 15″ High x 16″ Wide

COLOR: Brown

ORIGIN: Made in the USA


SIZE: Measures approx. 9″ x 7″. Holds an 8″ x 5″ notepad.

DESCRIPTION: A striking and attractive folio, expertly manufactured from Burchell Zebra hide and leather.


  • Genuine Zebra hide front and brown Cape Buffalo Hide back.
  • Buffalo Hide lined interior consisting of a large pocket on the left side to tuck notes behind as well as slots to hold business cards. The opposite side holds a notepad and a pen. The Notepad is included with the folio.

Zebra hide has a striking patterning and Cape Buffalo hide has an attractive grain and is very durable.


Black, Dark Coffee Brown


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