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Drawstring Leather Backpack


The Drawstring Leather Backpack is as simple, tough and lightweight of a backpack as we know-how. It’s designed for men and women who want simplicity on their day hike on a trail or through the Old City of Marrakech. It’s just a leather sack on your back.

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This leather backpack is almost as plain and simple as it can get, built with two big solid pieces of leather and just one interior laptop pocket. And there are no breakable parts like zippers or snaps or anything that will need to be replaced. Where the shoulder straps attach, it’s riveted and sewn on with hidden polyester strapping in there. All leather stretches over time, but ours doesn’t because we sew in hidden polyester straps between the leather layers. The reason we construct all of our backpacks with as few large pieces of leather as we can is because we want as few seams as possible. The seams are the weakest part of any bag, so the fewer the better. And then we sew with just 5 stitches in each inch so that we have more leather between each hole. Makes the backpack stronger and there are fewer holes to start a tear.

This leather backpack is not made with just some leather. We built it with the cow leather that is the strongest grade of leather that there is (full grain), which makes it naturally water-resistant too. And it’s thicker than boot leather. Then we back it with pigskin on the inside, which gives it a really rich thick feel without being stiff. But the pigskin is tougher than the cowskin.

Okay, maybe we went overboard on our hardware. A leather backpack doesn’t need 316 Stainless Steel, but we put it on there anyways. It’s the metal that when your life depends on it, you hope somebody used it. The thread we use is a German thread. It’s the “full-grain” of the thread world. It’s a very strong industrial-grade polyester thread which won’t fall apart with contact with the sun, like backpacks sewn with nylon thread will do.

This leather backpack has an interior laptop pocket to fit a 13” laptop pocket just fine. The straps are on permanently, but you can remove the shoulder pads if you’d like to. The way you close the backpack is by pulling the drawstrings tight and then buckling the flap over the top to keep the rain out.

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