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Burchell Zebra Hide Cuff


Burchell Zebra Hide Cuff

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TYPE:Genuine African Burchell Zebra Hide Cuff

SIZE:Small – 6 1/2″L x 2″ W, Large – 7 1/2″L x 2″W

COLOR:Off White / Brown / Black Shades

DESCRIPTION: This SUPERB cuff is expertly manufactured from genuine Burchell Zebra Hide / Skin



  • Striking Zebra hide stripe detail
  • Genuine leather interior lining for comfort
  • Sturdy metal construction underneath the leather. The metal does have some flexibility however so the cuff can be adjusted slightly for a better fit
  • Available in a small or large size to accommodate smaller or larger wrists
  • Please note there may be small blemishes/scars in the hide due to the natural nature of the hide


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